Big Boot's Special Friends, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) corporation. It was developed to provide a therapeutic environment — a peaceful haven — for the Elderly and At Risk and Special Needs Kids. Every child has the right to have fun at Big Boot Ranch.
More often than for most of us, the Specially Challenged are asked to perform a magical transformation into the realm of the super human. They must summon hope in the midst of devastating diagnoses and intricate social crises; persevere when it might be so much easier to just give up. They must call on strengths that few of us even know are possible in order to endure days mired with physical pain, exhausting medical procedures, and challenging emotional and mental adjustments. And all of these feats must be accomplished while existing in a world that so often has little awareness or appreciation for the level of human excellence that they have had to achieve.
At Special Friends, we say "kudos" to those who must valiantly travel this path. And while we are limited in offering any meaningful or significant solutions, we can provide the respite—the safe haven—the place for rest and recuperation that is so essential to the successful completion of a journey of this magnitude. Special Friends has combined the marvelous healing powers of nature found at the Big Boot Ranch with three distinct service packages. Each service package is customized to the unique needs of the group that it is designed to serve. It is our privilege and honor to offer these packages at no-cost to their sponsoring agencies.